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State of API Testing Report: Regression Trends 2023

8 million+ regressions & 8K+ test runs reveal 2024's must-know goals, challenges, and trends.

API Testing Report.png

Some Key Highlights

8 million+

Total Regressions

Drawing insights from our own product analytics for the entire year 2023, the report reveals a staggering 8,661,895 regressions from different sectors & nature of applications. 


Total Test Runs

A total of 8,547 tests were conducted, covering sectors such as financial services, eCommerce, SaaS, and technology platforms. These tests provided valuable insights into the performance and resilience of applications in diverse sectors.


Data Regressions

Logical regressions in code are the hardest to catch without proper testing practices in place. The hardest to catch among them are data regressions like value modifications or change in data formats of critical keys.

Unlock valuable insights and in-depth analysis

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