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GenAI for Software Testing Series: Part 01

"What no one will tell you about using GenAI for Testing"

Webinar Highlights

At HyperTest, we recently embarked on a journey to explore the application of GenAI for creating unit tests. Our discoveries have brought to light some critical aspects that we believe are essential for you to know:

Uncertain Test Quality: The quality of AI-generated tests can be uncertain, presenting potential risks.

Too Much for TDD Teams: AI-generated tests might overwhelm Test-Driven Development (TDD) teams, affecting productivity.

Release Slowdown: AI-generated unit tests could unintentionally slow down the release process, impacting development timelines.

Missed Dependencies: AI-generated unit tests often fall short in testing code alongside its dependencies, posing significant challenges.

These findings have propelled us to organize this exclusive live webinar where we aim to delve deeper into these pressing issues. 

Planning to Automate your
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