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Is API Testing An Integral Investment for Developers Today?

Is API Testing An Integral Investment for Developers Today?

In today’s fast-paced world, the growing advancements in technology are the key contributing factors leading to the increasing demand for efficient software to keep up with changing cloud dynamics. Software efficiency is measured in terms of functionality, performance, features, etc., and as of 2020, more than 61% of the developers invested in APIs as compared to 2019, and this number is expected to further go up to 71% by 2021.

Problem Recognition

The increasing population worldwide directly impacts the level of user interaction and data integration required by software that is adopted by companies for smooth operations. Now, in such scenarios, leveraging out all important information to everyone, to pace up the information delivery time to clients can backfire for businesses. So, how can you streamline all your applications and programs most efficiently and appropriately to let out only the desired information to the customers? Choose API Testing.

Potential Solution

Even though it is highly necessary, API testing is still one of the most crucial aspects before launching an application or software as it must validate the functionality, reliability, and performance of the desired API to proceed. But why should you choose API testing for your planned API? Let us find out below.

  • It confirms the reliability and performance of the planned API to ensure that no errors surface in the future.

  • API testing also validates whether the software or application the API is being used for can handle the expected load, without messing up.

  • It allows clear recognition of any possible loopholes and gaps in the API software solutions to avoid additional costs for correction, which can be very expensive.

  • The main goal of testing an API is to ensure it works across all different systems as well as devices and browsers, to ensure a quality experience for the users of the app or the software.

Types of API Testing

For most developers, API is the middle agent holding up the multiple layered systems within a single software or application. The main goal here is to test the level of alignment between the expectations of the developers and the reality of the systems, in terms of performance, security, functionality, etc.

Some statistics and research surveys have concluded that the top priorities for 91% of the potential developers in 2021 are focused on security and correct API testing opportunities pre-adoption of any tools and solutions. So, what are the different types of API testing?

  • Functionality testing to know whether the requirements are being met.

  • Load testing to see if the entered data and calls can be handled with ease.

  • Negative testing to identify all possible gaps and desired input corrections by the user.

  • Creativity testing to find out different ways to use a singular API.

  • Security testing to ensure that all access controls, permissions, and authentication are applied to the software to protect all important data.

Other than these, reliability testing, proficiency testing, and API documentation testing are the other types of API testing you can choose to confirm the performance of your planned API.

The Benefits of API

  1. Better reach with the audience with a more developed user experience

  2. Increased efficiency of the software

  3. Complete automation to facilitate better workflow and increased productivity

  4. Personalized targeting and interaction with the customer base

According to surveys and studies, approximately 40% of the largest organizations globally have invested in over 250 different internal APIs to recognize and rectify all potential loopholes in the current company software. The predicted future of complete digitization has further increased the need for well-designed and planned API adoption worldwide. Approximately 43% of the developers at present use tools for API testing and another 37% believe in investing the time by writing tests in their codes. Jump on the bandwagon and experiment with API testing today to make an app for the future.

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