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58 Minutes

Why Clever Testers Prioritise API Testing Over UI Automation

Dive into topics like efficient testing, API testing power, and career tips. Enhance your skills and gain valuable insights at your own pace.


Kanika Pandey

Co-Founder & VP,



Gunesh Patil

Sr. Tech Lead

Usher, Ex-IBM

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Insights covered 

Unlock exclusive access to the insightful conversation featuring Gunesh Patil, Sr. Technical Lead at Ushur, and Kanika Pandey, co-founder of HyperTest. Here's a glimpse of the engaging topics covered:

1. Efficient Testing Strategies:

Delve into approaches for enhancing efficiency, bug prioritization, and adapting to microservices evolution.

2. API Testing Dominance:

Understand the significance of API testing, why it takes precedence over GUI automation, and its seamless integration into CI/CD pipelines.

3. Rapid-Fire Q&A Session:

Gain valuable insights into API's role in achieving 80% coverage, overcoming test data readiness challenges, the emphasis on testing flows by QAs, and cost-cutting strategies.

4. Career and Skill Development Tips:

Discover valuable resources for boosting your API testing skills and glean key takeaways from Gunesh Patil's illustrious career journey.


Stay tuned for more engaging sessions that provide valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies in the tech and testing industry. 🚀

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