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40 min.

How to do End-to-End Testing without preparing test data?

Test data preparation for end to end testing is beset with challenges for testing teams. The struggle starts with creating data that not only reflects a wide range of real-world scenarios but also covers all aspects of the application's functionality. This webinar explains how test teams can avoid test data preparation completely but still achieve excellent quality outcomes.


Shailendra Singh

Founder & CEO,



Karan Raina

Co-Founder & CTO,


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Date & Time

November 30, 2023
7.30 PM. IST, 10.00 AM. EDT

About the webinar

Test data preparation in end-to-end testing presents several distinct challenges: 1. Complex and Time Taking: Simulating real-world scenarios requires test data that reflects complexity of actual operations. This data must cover various use cases, including edge cases, which requires lot of manual effort. 2. Data Refresh and Maintenance: Keeping the test data up-to-date with the evolving application features and business rules is essential. This requires regular updates and maintenance, which is resource-intensive. 3. Hard to test Integration scenarios: End-to-end testing often involves multiple systems with interdependencies. Coordinating and aligning the test data across these systems is extremely difficult for test teams 4. Simulating Real-world Scenarios: Accurately simulating real-world scenarios, including error conditions and unusual user behaviors, is difficult. This is essential for thorough testing but challenging to implement effectively. In this webinar we discuss an approach that tests real-world scenarios across end to end flows touching multiple microservices without test data preparation effort. It can save several hours that test teams budget for data preparation in a sprint, that they can focus on more productive tasks.

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