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Sign-off releases within minutes with HyperTest

To avoid costly implications, an application's complexity requires early defect detection. In this whitepaper, discover how HyperTest helps developers sign off releases in minutes.

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A comprehensive guide to

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 Increased Development Velocity

HyperTest runs the testing phase at the same time as the development phase. This cuts down on the total time needed for development.

Reduced Time to Market

With a shift-left approach, HyperTest makes it a priority to flag all severity errors. By default, this method reduces the time it takes to release a new feature, which speeds up the time to market.

Easy to Integrate with CI tools

The Integration tests generated by HyperTest can be easily triggered by the CI tools like GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins etc.

Early detection of Bugs

HyperTest is always actively working on detecting the API failures in the app, so it is virtually impossible for it to miss any critical error before release.


Why you should consider this Whitepaper

Our whitepaper is your ultimate guide to identifying and fixing the different kinds of application errors one can encounter with an API failure.


It is guaranteed to provide you with a technical analysis of the error types as well as the most likely cause and solution, allowing you to quickly repair your application and get it running normally again.


With HyperTest, catch all high severity level errors within minutes.

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