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Managing & Deploying Microservices the Right Way

Containers are an effective means of bundling and deploying microservices. But containers alone aren't enough. You need a container orchestration tool to keep an eye on the whole process. Follow this guide to learn about Kubernetes, a popular orchestration tool that is known for its ability to dynamically assign computing resources to meet demand.

A comprehensive guide to

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Microservices require careful planning, coordination, and collaboration across different teams and departments. Effective management of microservices can help organizations become more flexible, scalable, and resilient. This lets them meet the changing needs of their customers in a digital landscape that is changing quickly.

This whitepaper talks about the problems with microservices architecture and shows how Kubernetes is the best way to manage them.

We have also provided insights into how companies like MAANG have mitigated these challenges and scaled their infrastructure dynamically based on user demand.

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