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GitHub Co-Pilot 

Comparison Card

Built Your Code with Copilot? Now HyperTest Ensures It Works Together

Reporting and Analytics
No reports or analytics
Coverage reports after every test run & Detailed traces of failing request across services
Performance and Scalability
Depends on the performance of the underlying model
1. Can test thousands of services at the same time 2. Very light weight, performant tests that can run locally
Code completion and suggestions
Integration testing for Developers
Testing Focus
Unit tests i.e. code as object of test
Code, APIs, data layer, inter-service contracts, queue producers and consumers i.e. code and dependencies
Model of test generation
Trained GPT4 model
Actual user flows or application scenarios
Use case
Testing code in isolation of external components by developers
Testing code in conjunction of external components by developers
Failure types
Logical regressions in code
Logical and integration failures in code
Plugin in your IDE
SDK initialised at the start of your service

Prevent Logical bugs in your databases calls, queues and external APIs or services

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