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Detecting Schema failures with zero efforts for Hyper-growth FinTech Enterprise Serving Half a Million Users

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Zero Bugs in Production


Provides Backward Compatibility


Instant feedback on deployment

The best thing about HyperTest is that you don't need to maintain any unit tests for your APIs. Any enhancements or additions to the APIs can be quickly tested, ensuring it is backwards compatible. So this makes sure of free bug-free deployments.

Khyati Suthar,

Sr. Software Engineer | Fyers


About Fyers

Founded Year:


No. of Employees:

Half a million

Established in 2015, FYERS embarked on a mission to revolutionize trading and investment in India. Over time, it has evolved into a dynamic startup specializing in stockbroking and investment services. Presently, FYERS facilitates seamless trading for over 500,000 investors across India's key exchanges: NSE, BSE, and MCX.


Since its inception, FYERS has displayed remarkable growth. Beginning with just 1,000 accounts in 2016, the company's account base now surpasses half a million, showcasing significant progress. Bolstered by a 300-member team and achieving a solid month-on-month growth rate of 15%, FYERS has firmly established its presence and excelled in the online brokerage market.

The Challenge

Fyers wanted to automate their API testing & Proactively Capture critical bugs before production release

Fyers handle transactions worth over 2 Billion USD daily, their tech platforms play a crucial role in keeping operations running smoothly. They were quick to address anything that was causing slowdowns.

With a technology-driven company, with over 100+ APIs facilitating communication between 7-8 microservices, the in-house automation framework was not keeping up with the face paced transactions.

The release velocity was high, considering the fast-paced trading world. But the in-house automation framework was slowing them down. It not only affected the release velocity, but also let bugs slip away in production, severely disrupting their release cycle.

Also, there were a lot of edge cases that their previous automation framework failed to address. These discrepancies surfaced during production, wasting not only time and resources, but also making them loose money every passing minute.

The Success

Fyers accelerated their release velocity by 2X and achieved bug-free production deployment

Before stumbling upon HyperTest, the team had tested a couple of other tools. While they initially seemed promising, they quickly realized the absence of essential elements like well-structured documentation, a user-friendly developer experience, and responsive customer support.


After enough exploration of API testing tools that can help them in writing and maintaining their test cases, team FYERS strategically invested in HyperTest.

"Hypertest unique selling point is its ability to generate tests by capturing network traffic, they have reduced the overhead of writing test cases, and its reports and integrations have helped us smoke out bugs very quickly with very little manual intervention."

- Ajay Srinivasan, Senior Technical Lead, Fyers

Since most of their clients are API users, Regression testing was one of their primary goals, and HyperTest has not only automated their entire testing suite, but has also also significantly reduced the regression time to under 3 hours, which earlier took them 3-4 days with half-done results.

It has helped their development team get feedback faster, which helps them solve bugs more quickly when they're getting ready to release a new update, efficiently saving a lot of bandwidth for their small team.

With HyperTest’s ability to generate test cases by capturing network traffic, the need for discovering, writing, and maintaining test cases was completely eliminated. They were able to detect breaking changes almost instantaneously, such as alterations in data formats or the addition/removal of keys, ensuring a robust coverage of approximately 85%.

Whats coming next

Scaling Services with HyperTest

Due to the substantial time and effort-saving advantages offered by HyperTest, FYERS has made the strategic decision to expand its implementation across their entire array of microservices. Presently, HyperTest is actively employed in optimizing the performance of three pivotal services within their infrastructure.

Furthermore, FYERS aims to liberate their Quality Assurance team from the necessity of focusing on testing tasks, particularly from a backend standpoint. By incorporating HyperTest's robust capabilities, the QA team can redirect their efforts toward scrutinizing functional intricacies within the production environment.​

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Accelerate your release velocity by 2X

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